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NetSol Technologies is an American software company which makes automobile leasing software. It is based in Calabasas, California, United States and was founded by Najeeb Ghauri. The company employees 1,100 people.

On 2014 a employee wrote a brief review for Indeed about working at Netsol Technologies: this is good company by doing business and client portfolio . but for learning and earning it give you zero.


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Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"this is good company by doing business and client portfolio . but for learning and earning it give you zerofree lunchno learning"

VICE PRESIDENT, MARKETING (Former Employee) says

"The fish rots from the head down. NetSol is a family-owned affair, dominated by rampant nepotism and managerial shortsightedness. Mostly nice people working for a mendacious managing family."

System Analyst (Current Employee) says

"NetSol is a family-owned affair. HR is not that respondent. Low wages and long hours. As any other company, work will needed to be done within the given time."

PSE (Current Employee) says

"Job security is good, but work culture is not up to the mark. Free lunches but quality is just ok not good. Boring because there is only a single product, They dont hire people for specific jobs but later decide where to adjust you.Free lunch, gym, provident fund, medical, probability of foreign toursOff days working, late sitting, work culture, weak development process, low salary increments, parking, unfriendly environment for new joiners, boring because no technology learning"

Software engineer - Present (Current Employee) says

"It is one of those companies which is good for new comers in this category because they give you much work with little or no experience."

Training Executive (Current Employee) says

"Its a good company but some due to some restrictions people feel uncomfortable here... Company CEO is a nice person and very friendly person that people like him and appropriate his efforts to stand this company in a very short time period."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"NetSol Technologies is a good place to start your career in IT. You are given proper training to understand their business and technologies used at the back end. Emphasis is also given to improve the soft skills of the people working. The management takes care of its employees and the office work environment is friendly. The best part of the job was the friendly office environment and collaboration among co-workers. Every employee was given a chance to prove his skills.Free lunches, commute allowanceLate sittings without payment"

Senior Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"It's a good place to work, specially there job is very secured as it's a product base company. You get a true feeling of working in a corporate environment. Office environment is good and people are friendly.Free lunch.Hectic routine some time"

Principal Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"It is a nice place of learning for new comers . It gives good opportunities for enhancing exposure of resources. Good work place environment with friendly people."

emklees says

"Network Solutions is hands down the worst email service I have ever had to use. My CPA firm uses Network Solutions as does one of my clients and us grunts hate it. The web based form does not load half the time; it loses attachments and it does not save any drafts if it stops working."

Lori Buckman Moes says

"They are painful to work with. We have been a client for over 10 years. Our site went down as a result of issue that was the fault of Network solutions. It has now been down for 2 days. FAST TRACK means your problem gets looked at within 24 hours, not that it will be corrected within 24 hours. Additionally for a company that includes web support, they do not have 24 hour support. This is a HUGE issue."

caroline Mardon says

"I wish I could give them zero stars 1 is too many..i never used there service as when I tried to make a website it kept charging me twice so I gave up ..thought ok I will wear the cost which was $28 ..maybe I had done something wrong so maybe was my fault...but today they took $79 out of my account..i don't even use them so there's nothing to charge me for ..tried to ring no invalid..tried to email..just got an automated email back saying that email address is nit chat support that was cut off i can't get any help from them ..i have just lost my job due to covid my business is very little and very new so am not making money yet ...they have left me with $3 to my name ..they are nothing more than scammers ..they are disgusting"

Sam Tomlin says

"After 8 days my domain transfer is complete and I am no longer their customer. Good riddance. NS can't compete with other registrars or hosting providers on their own good merit. Instead they will hold your domain hostage and try to leverage a captive audience for profit at every turn." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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